toddlers are a test for the sanest of people


gone are the days of lazily rolling around with my baby, snuggling, nursing, sleeping.  these were tender moments during an incredible time of bonding with my little bundle of joy.  then…

SMACK! my once sweet and demure infant goes from cooing and snuggling to morphing into the two foot terrorist.  i feel like i am embarking on a 24/7 rollercoaster that never stops. sleep comes from exhaustion and exercise is now in the form of scrubbing food or poop off of the various surfaces of my house that said terrorist can reach.  buckle up mom!

my days are a blur.  wake up, baby up, change baby, feed baby, clean baby, play with baby.  by 10am my house looks like a frat house the night after their annual toga party.  clothes strewn across the floor.  half consumed sandwiches, bananas, cookies on the tables.  and bottles, oh the bottles!  they are everywhere!  my kid can drink.  sometimes B is even double fisting for the day.

about 11:30am we have lunch and then the most glorious time of day arrives.  the time of day all moms pray for and dream about.  it’s naptime!  if its a special day then I get to nap too!!!

but alas – this is where my mental illness kicks in.  maybe I’m bipolar with a sprinkling of ocd.  if B is down for a nap then I have 2 hours of uninterrupted cleaning time.  laundry in – check! scrubbing kitchen – check!  dishes soaking – check!  prep dinner – check!  pick up, organize and put away toys – check!  I feel like I just got enough done to put my feet up and watch some tv and bam – B is awake.

yet this is how most of my days go and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!  give me 23 hours 50 minutes of chaos for just 10 minutes quiet time with my baby reading a book or discovering a new word or experience.  I can’t think of anything cooler or more magical.  I love seeing the wonder and amazement in my daughter’s eyes.

what I do wish for was my child to keep her food on the tray of her high chair.  my dog is clinically obese from all of the food being thrown at her.  she doesn’t have the self-control and discipline to say no.

until tomorrow…


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