yes, I have a blog.  but that doesn’t mean that I am public about my diagnosis.  my parents and fiancé know that I am bipolar.  I’ve told some of my close friends, and that’s it.  no one at work or at many other facets of my life have any idea that I struggle with and manage my mental illness everyday.

people are spreading awareness of mental health with #ItAffectsMe.  as someone who is so closeted with this aspect of my life I find this movement both fascinating and liberating.  it makes me feel proud to disclose my bipolar disorder to others and possibly be more free with how being bipolar affects me.

does that mean I’m updating my facebook status to feeling blue and living with bipolar disorder?  probably not anytime soon.  but this simple hashtag gives me hope that the negative stereotypes of bipolar disorder and mental illness may become a thing of the past.  one can hope…

until tomorrow…

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